Should You Work For Free?

Recently I had a week where I had three inquiries for my photography and training services – A restaurant, a soon-to-be launched online magazine and a club.

They all had one thing in common… They all wanted my services for free. When I replied with a “No thank you” they all said “But think about the exposure you’ll get”

While I agree sometimes exposure may help, in most cases the exposure you get won’t actually provide you with any real value. The online magazine in question has no actual official readership – I forgot to mention that they wanted me to work all day for free yet the journalist that would be with me was going to be paid. The restaurant serves customers who aren’t my target market and the club just expected to get my services for free without considering what was in it for me.

I explained to them that I provide my services to a number of charities that I support for free however when it comes to commercial work then a payment is always required

So if this happens to you what do you do?

It can be very difficult for you as often you may want to help people out or you may want the experience. However you have to think about your time and how you’ll you benefit from doing the job in question.

I think this will help you.

A couple of years ago I came across this great infographic by Jessica Hisch which I keep on my desktop, which answers the big question… Should You Work For Free?

Click image to view and download the full size image.

Should You Work For Free Infographic

Click to download the full size image.

I hope it helps.

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