Essex Autumn Photography Course:

It has been another glorious two days for the Levels 1 & 2 Photography Course and there is no doubt that Autumn is on it’s way.

Getting out for the afternoons on both days is always a favourite time for everyone. This is where everyone gets to practise their skills and start capturing great photographs. On each day we go to a different location, both offering completely different things to photograph.

Autumn Photography Course

On the second day we went to the local town park and gardens, where the colours of the leaves are starting to turn ready for Autumn.

Photographing trees in particular can be a challenge as there are often dark shadows in the leaves but you may have a very bright sky in the background, which can cause problems with metering. Metering is just one of the areas that we cover on both days.

Autumn Photography Course

We also look at different ways we can photograph subjects to add greater interest to the photographs. These are not only great skills to learn but also it gives everyone greater confidence knowing what they can achieve.

Autumn Photography Course Essex

Why not join us on our next Beginners Photography Course? It’s a great two days where you spend time with like-minded people, you’ll have fun and learn to start taking your own amazing photographs.

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