Beginners DSLR Training Course

Beginners DSLR Training Course Essex & Hertfordshire

After the Christmas and New Year break our Essex photography training courses started again a couple of weeks ago. This started with our Beginners DSLR Training Course.

This photography training workshop is ideal for both beginners and those who may have had their DSLR camera for a while but are still using it on Auto.

The morning starts with covering the essential functions of the camera. What I mean by this is that digital cameras have so many functions, settings and effects that it can be hard to know what are the most important ones and which are there just in case of a rare photographic situation.

Many of those attending this beginners digital SLR course comment how it’s great that the “mystery” of capturing a great photo is explained in such a simple, clear and concise way.

As well as fully explaining the important functions we also spend part of the morning covering composition. I guarantee that after this session alone that your photography will improve vastly.  Never again will you come back from your holidays or days out with mediocre photographs. Instead you will be really excited at what you have captured and your friends and family will be blown away at the results of your newly found skills.

On both days we spend a lot of the time out and about putting into practice what has be learnt earlier in the day. There is no better way of realising just how good you have become in such a small space of time. On the first day we headed along to the Flitch Way, that runs from Braintree through to Boshop’s Stortford, and spend quite a bit of the time at Rayne Station. On day 2 we headed to the local market to capture the sites and the colours of what is going on.

To finish off the day we review many of the photographs taken and see what tweaks and enhancements can be done on Photoshop.

Are you new to digital photography? Would you love to get off of Auto and start having greater confidence and photographic skills? Then check out my Beginners Photography Course.