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Each Wedding Photography Training Course has photographers traveling from different parts of the UK to learn about this exciting area of photography.

I have been providing the best wedding photography training courses in Essex since 2007 and it’s wonderful to see how many attendees fulfill their ambition and become a wedding photographer. Many run their wedding photography business alongside their existing jobs while some decide to leave their careers and become a full time wedding photographer.

Become a Wedding Photographer

What does the Wedding Photography Course include?

On the first day it’s all about photographing the wedding. Joining our bride and groom at the church I will take you through the process of photographing a wedding. I will reach you teh photographs you must take at a wedding, how to pose the bride and groom, how to deal with all types of lighting and what it takes to take the ultimate wedding photographs.

Wedding photography Course Essex

You will also get to photograph the Bridal and Groom prep parts of the day and there will also be a wedding cake so you can get the cake cutting shot. By the end of day 1 you will have greater confidence in yourself in photographing a wedding and have a wonderful portfolio of photographs to use as well.

The Photography Business

Being able to take great photographs is really important but that alone won’t make your wedding photography business a success.

Wedding Photography Workshop Essex

On the second day of the workshop we get down to business of The Wedding Photography Business. I will teach you how how and where to get your first wedding bookings, I will teach you about marketing, branding, pricing, designing wedding albums and and the best products to offer to your clients. I will also teach how to save many hours of work after the wedding with my workflow short process.

Essex Wedding Photography Courses

So if you are ready to take the step into wedding photography then I would love to see you on the next course. Follow my wedding photography course link for details of dates and availability. Wedding Photography Training Essex


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