Essex Photography Training

Essex Photography Training:

At the weekend it was the first Beginners Course following the summer break and what a brilliant course it was. We had 6 highly motivated attendees ready to take control of their cameras and learn techniques that would significantly improve on the photographs that they took. To make it extra special we had glorious weather too

Both mornings were spent learning the various functions of theirs camera and photography skills including various composition techniques. Then on both afternoons we headed out to put everything that was learnt in to practice.

Essex Photography Training

By the end of both days everyone who attended were using their cameras on fully manual mode and consistently capturing great photographs. To finish off day two everyone spent time learning the principles of post production using software such as Photoshop and Elements.

Do you have a DSLR that you’re still using on fully Auto? Or maybe you know the very basic but would love to gain greater control to take great photographs of your days out and holidays. For further details on Essex photography training call or text me on 07961 100 580 or email me on